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True-Terrain 5 | The most advanced environment tool, built for Blender

This version of True-Terrain entitles you to a lifetime of free major release updates. This is a LIFETIME not a set amount of years. We mean until the end of time, or we go out of business for making insane decisions like this one...

What is True-Terrain 5?

True-Terrain 5 is a complete rebuild from the culmination of 5 years of feedback and development; from November 2018 to today, we've gone through 4 major revisions, and hundreds of updates. All of this has resulted what is now the most advanced, accurate and feature rich environment creation tool ever built for Blender.

Layer System

True-Terrain 5 has overhauled the geometry and shader system (scattering to come) to be the most intuitive system available for Blender. We've rebuilt from the ground up, a brand new "layer" system for both, which allows the user to add new layers to modify the overall look.

The new layer system is a familiar method for all artists, on how to manipulate a canvas. The layer system in True-Terrain allows users to 'stack' data on top of one another in ways that allow for the ultimate control.

Geometry Layers

For geometry, we had to come up with a new system. The core of any good terrain or landscape is the geometry, and this needed to be totally redesigned to fit with the goal we had for making the ultimate tool.

Geometry is built around Geometry-nodes which allows us to build a system for infinite possibilities and modularity. No longer will you be stuck with the mesh you made at the start; now you can edit non-destructively at any point in the design process.

True-Terrain Noise - Dynamic Terrain Layer

True-Terrain Noise introduces a versatile terrain layer to your Blender toolkit, allowing for intricate noise patterns and detailed terrain textures. Customize your landscapes with precision to achieve any desired aesthetic.

Quick Highlights:

  • Detailed Customization: Play with height, scale, and distortion to craft perfect noise profiles.
  • Multiple Noise Types: Choose from Noise, Musgrave, Voronoi, and more to diversify terrain textures.
  • Advanced Settings: Utilize SubNoise layers and normalization to fine-tune your terrain down to the last detail.

With Terrain Noise, creating realistic or fantastical terrains is effortless and efficient.

True-Terrain Real-Time Erosion for Blender

Craft landscapes that tell a story with True-Terrain's Real-Time Erosion system. This powerful Blender tool simulates natural erosion processes, adding a layer of authenticity to your digital terrains.

Core Features:

  • Hydraulic Erosion: Simulate water flow with parameters like rain rate, evaporation, and sediment capacity to mimic the natural erosion caused by water.
  • Thermal Erosion: Use thermal erosion to model the effects of temperature changes on your terrain, with settings to adjust erosion rate and hardness.
  • Baking & Simulation: Effortlessly bake your erosion simulations over a custom range of frames for smooth playback and integration into your project.

True-Terrain's erosion system brings the forces of nature to your fingertips, enabling the creation of realistic landscapes with ease.

True-Terrain Plateaus - Plat'yeahs

Unleash your creative potential with True-Terrain Plateaus, a geometry layer tool tailored for Blender that infuses your landscapes with lifelike plateaus. Craft unique terrains with ease using our advanced scatter system and fine-tune details to perfection.

Features at a Glance:

  • Plateau Scatter: Choose between fixed or density scatter types for diverse plateau distributions.
  • Customization: Adjust height, radius, and slope factors to shape the terrain to your liking.
  • Detail Enhancement: Apply alluvial fans for natural base detailing and terracing for stepped elevation changes.
  • Seamless Integration: Blend plateaus with other layers using intuitive controls for a cohesive landscape.

True-Terrain Plateaus is the artist’s tool for creating compelling, richly detailed environments quickly and efficiently.

True-Terrain Texture Layer for Blender

Introducing the True-Terrain Texture Layer, your gateway to a myriad of procedural textures in Blender. It's a versatile tool designed for layering textures to sculpt unique geological features with standard Blender procedures.

Key Benefits:

  • Wide Range of Textures: From classic Noise to sophisticated Musgrave, select from a broad spectrum of procedural textures to start your creation.
  • Full Customization: Adjust height, scale, and distortion to achieve the precise look you're aiming for.
  • RGB Channel Masking: Utilize RGB channels for intricate mask control, adding depth and complexity to your textures.

The True-Terrain Texture Layer is an essential tool for artists seeking to blend multiple textures into one harmonious landscape.


Discover the pinnacle of texturing artistry with True-Terrain 5a v52.4, our groundbreaking shader layer control system designed exclusively for Blender. Elevate your 3D landscapes to unprecedented levels of realism with our intuitive, layer-based approach.

Unparalleled Control

  • Dive into an array of shader controls that put the power of professional-grade texturing into your hands. Adjust quality levels, mix with precision, and manipulate opacity settings to blend textures seamlessly.

Exquisite Detailing

  • Manipulate specular, roughness, normal, and displacement strengths with granular sliders. Each setting is fine-tuned to ensure the highest fidelity in texture detail, empowering artists to bring their visions to life with striking accuracy.

Advanced Material Settings

  • Harness the flexibility of material settings like normal and detail strengths, depth, and displacement scaling. These sophisticated controls work in concert to produce textures that not only look real but feel tactile.

Dynamic Masking

  • Craft your terrains with precision using our diverse range of masks, including attribute, distance, height, normal, and more. Layer them, modify, and remap values to achieve complex textural landscapes that respond dynamically to your environment.

Creative Filters

  • Infuse your textures with character using filters like blend, brightness/contrast, HSV adjustments, and weathering effects. Whether you're aiming for a sun-baked clay or a rain-swept mudslide, the control is at your fingertips.

Innovative Layer-Based Method

  • At the core of True-Terrain lies our revolutionary layer-based methodology, driven by complex shader nodes that offer an unprecedented level of customization.

User-Friendly Interface

  • We've designed our interface with the artist in mind: clean, user-friendly, and compatible with your Blender workflow. Spend less time navigating and more time creating.

Watch our intro video on True-Terrain 5

Apologies for the length.... It's a big tool!

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Last updated Jun 19, 2023

True-Terrain 5.x is the most powerful terrain generation tool for Blender, period!

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True-Terrain (Lifetime upgrades)

0 ratings
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